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Summit on the topic “Public Policy” with the participation of high school students was held at Eastern University on January 20, 2017

On January 20, 2017 the Eastern University held a summit on the topic: “Public Policy” with the participation of high school students. The number of participants was more than 75 students.

The rector of the Eastern University Almaz Ibraev opened the summit. He warmly welcomed the participants and wished them successful and fruitful summit.

Themes of the summit were: "Air pollution", "Human Rights", "Personal growth" and other topics

    The main purpose of the university to hold the summit was:
  • Development of student's personality, capacity for independent research activities;
  • Increase the prestige and popularization of scientific knowledge;
  • Identification of intelligent and gifted children, broaden their horizons;
  • Enhanced studying of the chosen subject;
  • Inclusion of students in research activities.

    Participation in the summit will help students:
  • Become familiar with various branches of professions;
  • Realize interest in scientific research, to develop an ability to plan and conduct research;
  • Сonsciously make a choice of profession;
  • Learn how to speak in public

Teachers and organizers of the summit answered all the questions. For the participants of the summit a tour around the Eastern University was established. Equipped with modern appliances audiences, libraries and a private studio were all shown to the participants. After the summit, all participants were given certificates of participation and completion of the summit. The rector of the Eastern University Almaz Ibraev closed the summit.

The rector thanked everyone for their participation and expressed his confidence that this is the beginning of a cycle of summits held by the Eastern University for high school students.


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