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Student conference on the topic "Interdisciplinary education through the prism of multiculturalism"

On December 23 the Eastern University hosted the international student conference Penta-Lingua on the topic "Interdisciplinary education through the prism of multiculturalism".

    The total number of participants was 145 persons from such universities as:
  • Eastern University named after Mahmud Kashgari- Barskani,
  • Kyrgyz State Law Academy,
  • International University of Kyrgyzstan,
  • International Atatürk-Alatoo University,
  • American University of Central Asia,
  • Manas University,
  • International University of Central Asia
  • OSCE Academy,
  • Academy of Internal Affairs Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn,
  • Bishkek Humanities University named after K. Karasaev

The conference was carried out in sections in 5 languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, English, Arabic and Turkish. The objectives of the conference were to create a platform for intercultural dialogue and exchange of experience in spheres such as: education, science and research in various fields. The rector of the Roman School of Business, Mr. Antonio Regussa (Italy) delivered his greetings and best wishes to all the participants of the conference through a video conference.

The lectures raised issues concerning the educational processes, social character of them and the use of foreign educational experience in the Kyrgyz Republic. The work during the sections was active since after each lecture and speech productive discussions were conducted. Participants of the conference expressed their lively interest to the discussions of topics. Further questions of participants raised during the presentations were discussed as well.

For the first time at the Eastern University the conference was held with the use of modern methods of communication technologies such as remote participation of students from Turkey, The United States, Armenia, Azerbaijan and India at the conference. Students of the above countries shared their experiences in studying, conducting researches in various fields and disciplines, as well as internship opportunities for the students of the Kyrgyz Republic. At the end of the conference, all the participants received certificates. The best works and reports were awarded.


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