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December 18th World Day of the Arabic language

    In the period from 12 to 16 December, 2016 the Department of Arabic Language and Linguistics of the Eastern University of Mahmud Kashgari-Barskani held a week of Arabic language, dedicated to the 18th December of the World Day of Arabic language. This is the day of approval of the United Nations in 1973. The decision was to include Arabic among the official and working languages of the General Assembly of UN and its Main Committees.

    Throughout the week, students from all departments of the Eastern University organized various events and contests, such as:

  • Wall newspaper in Arabic about the value and role of the Arabic language.
  • Art of Arabic poetry reading.
  • Theatrical performances in Arabic.
  • Songs in Arabic.
  • Arabic Calligraphy.
  • Arabic poetry contest.
  • Contest (best commentary) in Arabic.

  • The purpose of these events was to demonstrate the greatness and the role of language in the world and in the development of speech, thinking and imagination of students, training a positive and informative interest to language learning, as well as the desire to improve it in a practical speech.

    The main and closing event, dedicated to the Week of the Arabic language, took place on December 20 at the Assembly Hall of the Eastern University. The event was opened by the rector of the Eastern University Almaz Ibraev He noted the importance of studying Arabic language and its popularity among many countries of the world. Since the Eastern University is the flagship among all educational institutions to teach the Arabic language, the rector emphasized the need to further develop the potential in this area. Also, invited guests shared their experiences in the study of Arabic language and its need in the future to achieve goals.

    Theatrical skits, performances of students singing songs, humorous performances were all shown at the event. The event ended with the presentation of certificates and gifts of the most distinguished professors and students of the Eastern University.


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