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Inter-College Mathematical Competition of 2016.

    Today, 16 December,on the initiative of the Department “Applied Informatics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences” of the Eastern University of M. Kashgari-Barskani , the university is holding an annual Intercollegiate Competition in mathematics. The Competition is held for students of the1st year of studies of higher education institutions. Participants of the competition are the students of Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagyn, Kyrgyz State University named after A. Arabaev as well as the students of our Eastern University.

    Five problems will be presented for the students. As a rule, the judges of the competition develop evaluation criteria and scoring for each task separately. The results will be announced immediately after the end of the competition.

    The main objectives of the Mathematical Competition are: expanding the horizons of students and the development of students' interest in the study of mathematics


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