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Since 2011, East University has been developing the activities on the international scene and has been taking prizes not only at the level of Kyrgyzstan, but also beyond its limits.

Development of the international activities in the fields of education, sciences and cultures is a necessary condition for creation of the effective system of quality assurance promoting achievement of the European standard in professional training of graduates and

  • Increase in level of the academic and scientific mobility of students, graduate students and faculty;
  • Active participation in educational and scientific projects;
  • Development and monitoring of educational programs with foreign universities.

The academic exchanges are planned to implement according to contracts between Eastern University and partner higher education institutions, agreements with the international organizations, funds and other organizations.

Financing of programs is also planned performs from different sources usually in the form of the grants allocated by various universities, funds, the companies, the governments of the states. However, it is not excluded that the program provides partial and/or complete self-financing.

Main objectives of business trips will be — training abroad, language training, participation in the international programs, discussion of questions of a cooperation between higher education institutions.

Due to a cooperation with the international organizations and the leading scientific and educational, innovative centers, Eastern University annually organizes lectures of foreign specialists.

For teaching during the whole year, foreign teachers and the lecturer for reading modular rates at different faculties are invited; and also foreign the lecturer are invited for participation in the international conferences.

Eastern University keeps in contact with universities of Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan and other countries. It gives the chance to perform training and practical training for students and teachers at the international level.

    International cooperation gives to East University the following opportunities:

  • Forming of national model of the competitive multi-level education integrated into world educational space
  • Quality assurances of the higher education and international accreditation of higher education institution,
  • Development of international cooperation and academic mobility,
  • Cultural and scientific and technical development,
  • Ensuring freedom of researches and teaching to all members of university community.

International cooperation from 2011 to 2014 academic years:

  • In 2011 Eastern University got the International award "European Quality" in education in the city Mentr, Switzerland.
  • In 2012 Eastern Univer the Grand Prix of the student's festival "Bishkek-zhazy 2012"(Bishkek Spring 2012 where more than 21 higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan took part.
  • Students of Eastern University in the direction of the Ministry of youth of Kyrgyz Republic participated in the student's festival "Spring of the CIS in the Caucasus" and won the Grand Prix.
  • Eastern University became the best University of 2012 according to the “KEREGE” newspaper.
  • On December 12, 2012, for advancing of tourist potential and formation of positive image of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Arab countries, Eastern University named after Mahmud Kashgari-Barskani together with Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and LLC "Jazeera Travel» announced a competition on the best article about Kyrgyzstan in Arab language.
  • On May 6 2013, Doctor Hissa Bint Abdurrahman from university of the Kingdom of Saudi of Saudi Arabia, paid a visit and read the lecture on the subject "Role of the Woman in Development of Society"
  • In 2013 East university as the owner of the Grand Prix of 2012 opens the student's festival "Bishkek-zhazy 2013" (Bishkek Spring) and won the 2nd place.
  • In 2014 students and instructors of Eastern University named after M. Kashgari-Barskani in number of 25 people took part in the UAE, the emirate of Sharjah, in the Cultural Heritage of the People festival and won the 1st place.
  • In 2014 Eastern University became one of founders of Association of higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan. From last year activities of Eastern University as the member of International association of universities of the Islamic world are stirred up. (Headquarters Rabat, Morocco. ISESKO).
  • In the period of 20 until September 23, 2014 the official visit to the State of Qatar took place. As a result, which the agreement on cooperation between the Kyrgyz republic, in particular Eastern University, both the State of Qatar in education and sciences were signed.
  • In honor of 15-year anniversary of Eastern University (the celebration was held on October 9, 2014), under the leadership of the rector Ibrayev Almaz the strategic plan of further development of East university was worked "Eastern University-2020" out.

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