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Rector of
The International Kuwaiti University
Ormushev Asan Sulaymanovich
The International Kuwait University was established in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic in order to improve the educational system, bringing it closer to international standards, training highly qualified specialists for various fields in cooperation with universities in the framework of international programs. Such cooperation contributes to the development of education, improvement of teaching methods, and implemented a new approach to the content of educational programs, plans, student learning technologies.

The International Kuwait University has the status of a legal entity. First Kyrgyz-Kuwait University was founded in 1998, then in 2004 Eastern University named after Mahmud Kashgari-Barskani was founded (By the decision of the Academic Council of April 2004, Decision of Ministry of Education and Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic number 7/20 dated July 7, 2004 (agreement to the Commission under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic to perpetuate the memory of outstanding figures of Kyrgyzstan on 16 July 2004)

The International Kuwait University is a private institution of higher education. The legal form - the establishment, type of ownership - private. The International Kuwaiti University operates under license of the AL №395, registration № 1-194, 2005

Mission of the University - Formation of a new generation - highly moral, educated, spiritual and physical development, owning modern innovative knowledge.

Vision of the University- The International Kuwait University -one of the most prestigious universities in Kyrgyzstan, leading the preparation of highly qualified and competitive specialists in the labor market.

    The purpose of the University
    Implementation of the model of the modern institution of higher education, improve the quality of education of culture to the world standards, the development of cooperation at the international level with foreign universities.

    Further strengthening its position of public diplomacy, confirmation of the status of the conductor of economic, cultural and political interests of Kyrgyzstan in the Arab world.

    University Objectives:
  • Implementation of new innovative university model organically combines international best practices and the potential of the domestic higher education and research, and provides a full integration of the university into the world educational space;

  • Development of modern educational technology, import and adaptation of foreign technology training in order to strengthen the status of the Eastern University named after Mahmud Kashgari - Barskani as a leading educational and methodical and scientific center of the country's higher education system;

  • Ensuring the competitiveness and demand for graduates, the international recognition of diplomas, improving the economic and social status of the teaching staff;

  • Development and transfer of modern university management technologies;

  • Development of educational, research and innovation infrastructure, effective resource support activities of the university;

  • Development of international cooperation in the fields of higher education, post-graduate training, exchange of experience and professorial staff, faculty training, research and innovation developments.

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